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Tale Seeker: Monster Poker


User Reviews★★★★★ Thought I would give it a try and I don't regret it. 5/5 pretty well deserved★★★★★ Really fun and addicting★★★★★ Awesome Game I hate puzzle games, but it was so much fun to play★★★★★ Best anime characters Best game I have ever played★★★★★ Not your typical TCG I'm loving the collection of characters and the story lines. Definitely going to keep playing!
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● Strategies your move in this TCG (Trading Card Game) PUZZLE RPG!
● Help characters from myths and fairy tales to complete their objective, no matter how cruel!
● CONNECT symbols and build your STRONGEST HAND to ATTACK the MONSTERS!
● Over 600 CARDS to COLLECT! Level-up, fuse, evolve, enhance and build your ULTIMATE TEAM!
● Join a GUILD, invite your FRIENDS, unlock DUNGEONS and fight together!
● Prove your SKILLS at the ARENA and strike it rich by predicting the winner!
● Enjoy this FREE game with amazing graphics from various artists!
~~~~~~~Features~~~~~~~● Free to play TCG Puzzle RPG● Fight through waves of monsters and collect their cards● Fuse, level-up, evolve, enhance and build the strongest team● Join a Guild and work together for the greater good● Prove your skills at the Arena and obtain the highest rank● Test your luck and strike it rich at Pick a Winner● Take a friend to battle and defeat the boss● Unlock a dungeon for all your friends● Journey through tales and myths with a different twist● Event quests and stories available for a limited time
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